Funredes took part in many events during Phase Two in Tunis 2005.

15/11: 9:00 h - 13:00 h
High-level round table discussion: "For a Multilingual Cyberspace with the Participation of the Information society and shared knowledge"

Organized by NEPAD and ACALAN, under the auspices of the African Union, in partnership with UNESCO, the AIF, the IUT, the ECA, the GKP, the ILI, the SIL and other Institutions.

In this event we will present the last results of the observatory of languages and cultures in the Internet of FUNREDES and UNESCO will announce a work on the same subject coordinated by FUNREDES.

15/11: 15:00 h - 19:00 h
CEPAL: "Towards the implementation of: Priorities and work agenda

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16/11 : 11:30 h - 13:00 h
Especial sesion of the Digital Solidarity Fund

Daniel Pimienta, in quality of member of the Council of Foundation

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Presentation of the results of project I-Twinning

I-twinnings are decentralized cooperation projects that aim at facilitating the use and appropriation of ICTs.

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16/11: 17:30 h - 20:00 h
World Summit Award Event

Daniel Pimienta is expert WSA for the Dominican República.

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17/11 : 10:45 h - 12:45 h
Room Mehdia (Kram Exhibition Hall)

Institute of the Third World Panel

Framing WSIS in Global Governance Processes: Linkages and Follow-up

The following panelists will take a close look at WSIS's outcomes from a Southern perspective, contextualizing them in the wider space of multilateral processes and global politics. Impacts of the WSIS process at global and regional level will be analysed by the panelists and debated among attendees.

- Ziad Abdel-Samad, Executive Director - Arab NGO Network for Development, ANND, Lebanon

- Anriette Esterhuysen, Executive Director - Association for Progressive Communications, APC, South Africa

- Susana Finquelievich, President - LINKS, Civil Association for the Development of the Information Society, Argentina)

- Anita Gurumurthy, Director, Advocacy - IT for Change, India

- Robin Mansell, President - International Association for Media and Communication
Research, IAMCR;

- Dixons Chair in New Media and the Internet, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics, United Kingdom

- Daniel Pimienta, President - FUNREDES, Dominican Republic. Presentation sobre la visión de Funredes sobre el proceso y los contenidos de la Cumbre antes de Túnez ENLACE:
   http://funredes.org/presentation/SMSI.ppt (français)

Announcement of the collective book in 4 languages "Word Matters: multicultural perspectives on information societies"

Coordination: Alain Ambrosi and Valerie Peugeot with the collaboration of Daniel Pimienta.

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FUNREDES will be active in the Citizen Summit

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