Methodology and Social Impact of the Technologies of Information and Communication in Latin America and the Caribbean

   ¡This is not related to a project about mysticism! Neither is it a gathering of a group of mystics! The sense of the word is which it finds in “the mystic of work”, in other words, an applied effort and determination to remove barriers and achieve results. This is a project that has two objectives:

  • The strengthening of the social actors/actresses of the Latin American and Caribbean ICTs
  • The experimentation with an articulated methodology for virtual communities
   In this communitity the topic of the Summit has been debated but all about topics that relate to the ICT with their multiple social implications, from the local to the global scale, passing through all of the intermediate levels that exist.

· Visit the website of the Mísitica virtual community. Developed with the support of the CDRI. [view]

· Obtain the histroy of contributions and check out the topic initiated for the WSIS. [view]

· Collective document "Trabajando la Internet con una Visión Social" of the MISTICA virtual community. Developed with the support of the CDRI.

   "Working the Internet with a Social Vision" [view]