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Daniel Pimienta, a French citizen, was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1950, read Applied Mathematics in Nice University and hold a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences. After creating a Software House specialized in APL, he joined IBM France (in La Gaude Laboratory) and worked 12 years as Telecommunication Systems Architect, Planner and Strategic Marketer. He participated in the development of voice/data integration products, videotex and  messaging systems as well as to OSI protocole compliance testing. He spent 2 years in assignment in Research Triangle Park IBM Lab, in North Carolina (1984-86).

In 1988, he joined Union Latina, in Santo Domingo, as Scientific Advisor and Head of the EU (DG13) funded REDALC project for the creation of a LA&C Research and Civil Society network. En 1993, he launched the Foundation Networks & Development (FUNREDES), a pioneer NGO on the theme of ICT4D. He has defined and managed since then more than 30 cooperation projects around such themes as: creating a regional framework for networks (REDALC), creating the first PC based user interface to networks, creating 3 national netwoks (RCP-Peru, REDID-Dominican Rep. and REHRED-Haiti),  evaluating the social impact of  ICT, measuring language diversity on the Internet, managing virtual communities, contributing to Caribbean integration, offering seminars for information literacy.

An active civil society field player (WSIS and IGF) and an action-researcher in Information Society themes, he has produced a total of 90 publications and participated in more than 200  international meetings  (30 as the main organiser, 90% as speaker or stakeholder, including 20 keynote speeches).

He is (or has been) a member of several ICT4D related global groups such as Francophone virtual university, Three Linguistic Spaces, Global Community Network Partnership, EUROLATIS, APC, WINDS-LA, REDISTICMAAYA, WSIS-AWARD, UN-GAID or Digital Solidarity Fund, and was given, in 2008, the Namur Award (IFIP WG9.2) for his comprehensive actions in the perspective of a positive social impact of ICT.

He has also contributed as Professor in Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, UniversitÚ Antilles Guyane in Martinique and UNIBE, in Santo Domingo, and participated to a large set of consulting activities (for EU, US-AID, UNESCO, UNDP, OIF, ITU,  etc.).

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