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MISTICA Project - Team Credits

Coordination Team

Under the leadership of the project manager, Daniel Pimienta, the MISTICA coordination team is composed of the following persons:

The methodology team (EMEC, PAD and translation)

The Website

The internet server <funredes.org>

Occasional Collaborators

  • Jacquelin Charbonnel: migration to a Linux platform
  • Francisco MacDugall: design of the MISTICA logo
  • Juan Miguel Fach: graphics for the presentation of the project
  • Mike Field: design and programming of the clearinghouse
  • Yacine Khelladi: thematic research on the Internet (and participation in the original design of EMEC)
  • Moema Libera Viezzer: contacts in Brazil
  • Irene Plaz: bibliography on the social impact of ICT
  • Alejandra Rojo: research on the state of the art in the systems of electronic conferencing
  • Marina Urquidi: training to automatic translation

MISTICA study in Africa

The Meeting in Samaná

The meeting that took place from April 11 to 16, 1999 in Samaná has its own credits.

Contributions by members of the VC

(*) Persons who do not belong to the Mistica team anymore

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