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For the moment this information is available in Spanish only

The pilot projects, which took the name "yanapanako" ("helping us" in quetchua) during the Meeting in Samaná, are a part of the MISTICA Project: the projects contribute, with seed funding, to collaborative actions of the Virtual Community.

The process began on the 1st of August 1999 with the publication of a first call for proposals, while a second session took place till November 1999.

The rewarded applications will be carried on with the project until the end of the program, scheduled for Summer 2000.

In this section you will soon find in English:

  • The files related to the first call for proposals (until September 1999): this session did not produce directly rewarded proposals; it was a preparation for the second session. ·
  • The information on the second call for proposals (October-November 1999): updated text, results, etc.
  • Follow-up of the Pilot Applications: section that opened when the applications began (reports, etc.).
Important note:For the moment this information is available in Spanish only!!



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